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Thread: Emulators: 3.4u, WiiKey2

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    Emulators: 3.4u, WiiKey2

    Surprised this isn't a common question.

    I have a 3.4u firmware Wii, but I've also installed a WiiKey2.

    Should I still follow the standard homebrew guide? Or do I have some kind of leeway since I'm chipped?

    With the current process, looks kind of annoying to have to redo the twilight hack over and over again. I don't really need any VC titles, but I am interested in using an SNES emulator on the console.

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    The chip doesn't matter at all for homebrew; the 3.4u update does, however. I STRONGLY recommend you follow this guide and downgrade to 3.2u. It's very useful, and you can get starfall in case your Wii ever semi-bricks, or you don't want to disc update.



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