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Thread: games on usb hard drive

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    games on usb hard drive

    Hi all
    I have read tonight on that you can back up xbox 360 games to a external usb hard drive and play them on the xbox 360 via that.
    They said you have to format the drive first through your xbox 360.
    Can anyone clarify this is correct - and could you tell me the exact way to do this - ie format external usb hdd through your xbox 360 and how do you add the game to it and then how do you play it as it normally says play after inserting disc
    Any help would be very much appreciated

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    yea that would be great id be intersted in info on this as well

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    - Help you transfer everything (games, videos, music, saved games, gamertags, and even your hard-won achievements) to your new console
    - Simply connect the old driver to your Xbox 360 console or PC
    - Provide fast and reliable data transfer

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    I just want to be able to mod my xbox 360 like my wii and have my games all stored on the hdd so the kids don't destroy the discs but I don't want to open the xbox 360 to flash drives etc


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