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Thread: Wasabi V3 +Clip V5 - unable to read backups

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    Wasabi V3 +Clip V5 - unable to read backups


    I'm new to this so go easy on me if i make mistake.

    I got my WII CLIP V5 + Authentic D2E Wasabi V3 today and after attaching the chip/clip the wii says unable to read discs when I insert backup discs. Originals are fine.

    I connected F on the clip to F point on the wii, left the clk unsoldered and ensured clk was not connected. Is this correct for a wasabi v3 with wii clip v5 on a D2E?

    (I experimented and soldered the clk point to the clip but it seems the original discs wont read when I do this)
    All solder points seem to be ok. I checked that the pins on the clip are extended enough to catch the legs of the wii chip which I'm pretty sure they do.

    When I insert the backup disc the wasabi flickers red to green and stays on green. The drive spins to try to read the backup disc but the screen says unable to read the disc.

    1. Could it be a firware issue?
    I have the firmware 1.4 version for the wasabi but the disc wont read.

    2. How can I view the current firmware that is on the wasabi in a D2E WII?

    3. Also, I think I read a few days ago that it's not possible to update the firmware of the Wasabi V3 in the D2E. Is this true?

    4. I have not done anything to the region setting pins on the chip. The wii is PAL. Could this be the problem and if so what pins do I solder for the pal region setting for D2E/Wasabi 3?

    Please help,



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    Just a quick help to others with the d2e wasabi 3 + clip v5.
    I bridged the jumpers 2 for PAL region, soldered CLK to the clip and F to F on the wii. Got a read on a backup disk... put it all together and bang it stops working.

    Problem was the pins in the clip were not extending far enough to touch the legs on the chip. Used a needle to extend them out.

    Also updated the firmware V1.4 immediately to rule that out as being an issue. Hope this helps others from pullin their hair out.

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    Hey meistro,

    good Job. Happy gaming!

    Fine that i could help.


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