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Thread: Help with USB loader

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    Help with USB loader

    I tried to search but couldn't find anything similar to the problem i'm having, so i started a thread.
    First, I had USB loader and it has been working fine. I wanted to play COD: Black Ops, so after reading that guide, I found out i had to update some cIOS. I got COD to play after updating cIOS 249 (57) v20, but I could only get it to play from a burned disc using Neogamma.
    But after doing this update, I cannot load anything from USB loader, i can still see all the games, but if i pick one, the wii freezes. So i reinstalled everything by following the softmod any 4.2 wii from ShadowSonic2. That got everything on USB loader working. But COD will not work, so I tried to update cIOS 250 and tried to change the settings in USB loader to use cIOS250, but the game freezes.
    So in summary, I can only play COD from neogamma using the cios249 (57) v20, but in that config, USB loader wont work. If I get USB loader working, COD won't load. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    EDIT: I was able to get everything working by using Configurable USB loader instead of GX. I'd close the thread or delete it if I know how...
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