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Thread: Raving Rabbids Collection.....

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    Raving Rabbids Collection.....

    Despite my offering a solution to another user, I've since discovered it doesn't work!!
    I'm running Configurable USB Loader (latest version) and have updated to Hermes cIOS v4 (223, 224)
    I've tried forcing RR to run in all of the 222 and 223 options - 223 comes up with errors, 222 loads to disk menu, but then crashes upon selecting a game to play.
    I'd appreciate some help, as the kids are driving me nuts over this!!
    And can anyone post instructions on how to get CUSBLoader up as a channel, as the wife can't mentally comprehend the process of accessing it through the Homebrew Channel?......

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    don't have that game but,
    try the option for loading an alt.dol in the cfg settings. can image those 3 games have different game .dols to load.
    so start the game, make a savefile, go back to the loader, change the settings, tell me if you could find a selection from that game for three different alt.dol.

    you can get a cfg usbloader forwarder channel from the Fat32 loading guide linked below for example, also one in the modding pack of the 4.3 or the softmod any wii guide included. or krank's cfg loader thread.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    Thanks for the reply, but I can't make a savefile as the game crashes immediately after start-up (on the screen where you can choose which of the games you wish to play - it's a compilation of the three previous Rabbids games)
    Thanks for the info for the forwarder


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