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Thread: Guitar Hero World Tour black screen

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    Guitar Hero World Tour black screen

    I have a 3.2e PAL Wii and I downlaoded guitar hero world tour.
    It asked for an update but it wasn't a firmware update so I clicked accept and then it restarted. It recognizes the game but then it brings a black screen and then restarts.

    What should I do? do I need to install wad files?
    I have HC btw

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    try installing
    IOS 38, 53, 55
    and Cios 37

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    Where can I get these from?

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    my account, or going in my FAQ thread, or going in error 002 post

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    WAIT, I do have all the IOS files installed 55-53-83!
    Where do I get the cios 37 from. I have a wad file called cios_fix, should I use this one?

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    my thread, its posted there if that doesnt work, make sure youre burning on a dual layer i think that game is a 2 layer game, and make sure you have dual layer support it was the update from the mario games

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    Can you please provide links and stuff!
    Idont know whata double layer is and I dont have any other DVD'S its a normal 4.7 GB dvd..what do I need to do exactly and please provide links. Im sorry im a noob.
    Well, I guess thats the bitter price of being a moderator!

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    I don't think GH:WT is a dual layer game

    I have an original version (not scrubbed or anything) burned on a DVD-R and it works
    D2C + D2Sun V3.05
    NDS lite + R4

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    Please, someona can help me? i bought GHWT just yesterday but with my wii modify it doesn't work. My wii recognize the game but when I clicked start, the screen became balck. My version is 3.1 and it's modify with wiikey

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