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Thread: Messaging Admin

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    Messaging Admin

    I've seen several places mention that we can't PM admin unless we're donators (of which I am not). I also read this in the Forum Rules:
    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Rules
    III. Member Rights, Recourse, and Opportunities
    2. Members are not allowed to pursue a public argument over a decision made by a staff member or IRC OP. You ARE, however, allowed to send a polite PM to the staff member or another more senior staff member to state the reasons for your disagreement with the decision. A polite, well-written PM of explanation or protest will be reviewed and considered.
    I was recently in that situation so wrote a polite PM to the admin. After I sent the message I didn't get a confirmation page, instead I was taking to my message folder and it showed 0 sent messages. I didn't want to resend the message in case the first went through, and I didn't want to send a message asking if the first went through, because if it hadn't then it would be a weird message to get! It made me wonder that maybe there's some code on the site itself that automatically prevents a member messaging an admin, unless they have the donator flag. If this is the case, then it represents a bug - either the Forum Rules need to be slightly reworded, or the code needs to be adjusted to allow members to message admin in those special circumstances. Is this the case, or is it safe to resend my message?

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    No, there's no such lockout/restriction. While I am not you, I do know I had a similar issue. When I was sending PMs they were not being stored in the "sent" folder. Turned out there was a setting incorrect on my ID/account and it had to be manually corrected. Who were you trying to message? I can have someone look at your settings on the sent PM thing.

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    Thanks for the fast reply.

    I was trying to message 'vinatec'. I have the message in an open window still, so I won't have to reformat it if I do need to resend it. So if my situation is the same as the one you experienced, does that mean the message did go through but isn't visible in my sent folder, or it didn't go through? I literally only just tried to send it, so I'm happy to wait a while before doing anything else.

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    In my case, it meant it went thru but due to a settings misconfiguration it simply didn't put a copy in my sent folder. I will PM vinatec and link him back to this thread, so if in doubt you may put your PM here (be aware it'll be public though). On the sent folder issue, I'll see what I can do.

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    Thanks again

    I won't post it here because of the forum rules and I think it's more respectful not to. I'll just keep the window open and if it doesn't go through I'll resend it or something.

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    I show Vinatec as being offline right now, but did PM/link back to here. The same for Modderman on the PM/sent folder issue. You may be waiting til tomorrow, I really don't know their schedules lol.

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    In your profile I see this..
    Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default - NO
    You can change this yourself in your settings menu at the top right hand corner of the page.

    so the message likely did go through.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    A possibility, aye. In my case, the "sent" copies were kept until someone monkeyed with my account at Staff promotion though, lol. As stated, a similar issue but doesn't mean "identical"

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    Quote Originally Posted by General Settings: timtimtim123
    Sent Private Messages
    • Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default
    • Don't save a copy of sent messages
    My setting was indeed to not save copies by default. I'm pretty confident this isn't a bug, so the thread can be disregarded.

    Thanks again for all the speedy replies - you guys need to work for AT&T...

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    I have to say mine dont save either. Im not sure if this is because you only get a limit of 50 msgs so if you were saving msg as well you msg box would be full in half the time!
    If I want a sent msg saved I do want Krank said above and click save msg in my sent folder.

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