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Thread: Problems with component cable

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    Problems with component cable

    Hi.. I'm pretty new at this so please bear with me..

    I connected my wii to my lcd tv via component cable.. Everything works fine until I plugged in my backup 40Gb hard disk drive with an external power source..

    At the instance I plugged it in, the audio/video output was lost.. It reappears briefly but thats it..

    Any ideas regarding this? I was not the one who did the softmod on my wii, so I'm a total noob at this.. Please be patient with me..


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    You say component hookup, have you recreated this problem using the composite cable?

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    external hard drive

    Hi there,
    I had this exact problem with a SATA to USB convertor from ebay, it used an external psu. I now have an old pc power supply powering the disc and it works fine. I guess the 5v generated by the psu is slightly different than the 5v on the Wii usb port.
    Your options would be use a pc psu (big and ugly, and noisey), or bite the bullit and buy a new portable hard drive - there is a list somewhere on here showing the makes/models people have tested.

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    Thanks for the inputs..

    Yeah, I think the problem is the PSU.. When I disconnect the PSU, it works fine.. I think I'll use a different PSU just to make sure.. I'll let you guys know..

    Thanks again!


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