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Thread: Help on online shopping

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    Help on online shopping

    Hello. I'm from Brazil and just got myself a Wii from Canada with system 4.2U. Finished the soft-modding a while ago, but that is not the matter.
    I'm looking for reliable websites for wii games and/or accessories, with a good worldwide delivery fee. I checked, but the prices are WAY below places like best buy (half price at least; 10 times lower than Brazilian standard prices). They deliver worldwide for free, but don't have any games. That deal is too much to avoid suspicious thoughts. Are they reliable? Any other recommendations?

    Thank you very much for answering a newcomer. If you ever need something from Brazil you know who to call XD (I mean it; women not "deliverable")

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    dealextreme is reliable. But as you said, they do not sell games. You can search the name of the game you are interested in and then find it on
    Good luck.
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    Dealextreme is reliable for all cheap Chinese knock offs...Not just for the Wii. The free or even paid shipping is atrocious though. Expect to be waiting 6-8 weeks on average even with rush shipping. My advice to you is if you are going to buy anything Wii related from them make sure it is not electronic. Trust me from personal experience. They are okay for buying stuff like steering wheels and wrist straps from but their knock off controllers and remotes are absolutely horrible, unreliable, and way sub par. For example I bought a remote from there (bearing the official Wii logo even though it was an obvious knock off) that I would point dead center at the screen and the little on screen hand would jump down to the lower right hand corner of the screen or off screen without even moving it. Their nunchucks and classic controllers are just as bad if they are even recognized by the program you are using or game you are playing. I ended up throwing out the few electronic items for the Wii I bought from there to try out and bought the official Nintendo products as I should have to begin with. I kept the two remotes though...One I took apart and the other acts as a bluetooth dongle in my DJ Hero turntable so I don't have to keep plugging and unplugging one of my main remotes.
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    Well, thank you very much for both Darkcide666 and DouglasN9.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sagudson View Post
    Well, thank you very much for both Darkcide666 and DouglasN9.
    You are welcome.
    Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.

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    I have ordered lots of Wii related electronic stuff from DealExtreme. And everything I have ordered has been working perfectly. I have ordered rechardeable batteries for wii balance board and wii controller. Wiimote controllers + nunchucks and many more products. Customer service is good, fast and friendly. They reply quickly to any queries. My last order was few weeks ago: I ordered two of "Remote with Silicone Sleeve + Nunchuck Controller for Wii (White)" $16.99 USD per each. Delivery was about 1.5 week.


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