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Thread: Look Out Kinect, Here Comes i-dong

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    Look Out Kinect, Here Comes i-dong

    The China Hi-Tech Fair is taking place in Shenzhen this week, and among the gadgetry being shown to attendees is a Kinect-like motion sensing unit built for games called the i-dong.

    Developed by Taishan Online Technology Co Ltd., the i-dong (as reported by Tech-On!) is not a new console but, rather, a peripheral that can be used with other devices, such as PCs and set-top boxes.

    i-dong comes in two parts: a thin black sensor unit with a camera and IR lights (imagine something directly in-between a Wii sensor bar and a Kinect), and a one-handed wand controller (right). The i-dong controller has buttons and a spherical top, which Tech-On! says is used to reflect light from the IR lights coming from the sensor unit. It is also possible to play games with a button-less IR light reflector that can be attached to other peripherals. One demonstration has the reflector attached to a ping-pong raquet.

    The unit is being demonstrated this week as both a game-playing device with the controller, and as a way of interacting with multimedia, such as switching channels on a set-top cable box.

    i-dong can be purchased in China for Rmb1,480, or about $222.89.

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    That may be one of the most poorly worded items to come out of the Chinese dupe markets. Article mentions Kinect, but that setup looks more like a PS Move that got puked on by Austin Powers.
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