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Thread: 4.3u loading backups

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    4.3u loading backups

    I've successfully modded my 4.2i wii and playing back ups from my external hard drive using Config USB loader. I just modded my first 4.3u and decided to see if my back ups will work on the 4.3u as well. After I plugged it into the 4.3 wii, I went to Config Usb it loaded then it said that


    [+] WARNING: Partition:
    Fat1 not found!
    Select a different partition
    Press A button to select a partition
    Press B button to change device
    Press HOME button to exit.

    Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Do I have to load a different formatted hard drive to a 4.3u instead of the one that already has games on it connected to my 4.2 u?

    Any and all help would be grateful. Please help. thanks.

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    Yeah, if you copied over your cfg from the other Wii SD to the new Wii SD, it will work. Or, choose the partition to load up the games, then go into one of the games to save some info, it will generate a new gamelist.txt file. You can try to copy just that one file over, gamelist.txt to see if it will work, I didnt try it out myself...

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    Yup, all you need to do is press A and select your partition. It will save and you will never have to do that again.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Mine would never save for me. I pick the partition, see my games, but reboot, have to pick the partition again. So clicked on one of my games, think I downloaded the cover for one, when I click to save, seen the popup for the gamelist.txt being created. After that, no more hassle. Happened when I went from wbfs to FAT...

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    Hmm, I recall it saving automatically. You might have to press 2 to save though. That option is contained in the config.txt not the gamelist.txt.

    The 4.3 guide includes a config.txt with FAT1 already selected so that's why it asks if you plug in a WBFS drive.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Yeah, I just looked at the gamelist.txt file, just the games listed, figured it was tied into the config also because I know once I saved some info and seen that popup, I had no more problems. So it may of written the info to the config file also. Who knows, I know I was getting mad, and it was a simple fix, just save something!

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    Thanks for responding. I'm going to try you ideas right now. I'll let you know how everything works out. Thanks again.

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    thank you thank you thank you. I got it to see my games. i'm just updating the themes and covers now. Thanks again. You guys rock!!!


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