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Thread: Chipped Wii won't play some copied games

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    Chipped Wii won't play some copied games

    I have a chipped Wii that I bought in Singapore that came chipped with several copied games.
    I bought other games in another country and while all have worked, Mario Galaxy 2 and PokePark aren't recognised and won't play.

    I've never performed any modifications myself and don't play anything off USB/SD, only CD games.

    Any help as to what to do/what updates are required would be great

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    first of all you should softmod ill post link and region free your wii and your proplem should be fixed

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    also what version system menu do you have?

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    As you mentioned you purchased copied games and are now seeking assistance with said copied games, we cannot assist you. This thread is closed. Do not make another concerning assistance with games you do not legally own original discs for.
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