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Thread: Booting/returning loop to wiiflow due to priiloader hacks, wiimote not synchable

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    Unhappy Booting/returning loop to wiiflow due to priiloader hacks, wiimote not synchable

    Hi all.

    I have Wiiflow installed (lastest version) and forwarded so when I turn my Wii on it loads the Wiiflow automatically...

    to access the system menu without going to the wiiflow I installed Preloader, also to load the homebrewchannel.

    I have 3 remotes, but only one is recognized by the Wiiflow. So I always use the same remote to use the GUI and then the others get recognized inside any game. Everything fine.

    My problem is that someone took that "special" remote which gets recognized by the Wiiflow and synced to another Wii. Now my Wii wont recognize any remote, neither the Wiiflow or the Preloader... so my Wii is working fine but I cant access the System Menu to get the controls recognized, since in both Wiiflow or Preloader you need to use the remote to jump to the System Menu.

    I dont know what are my options, maybe some hack I could pull over the SD card to bypass either the Wiiflow or the Preloader and go directly to the System Menu?

    Any help?

    Thanks in advance.

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    hey, nevertheless i will move this to bricked section, just because i have the exact same issue, and maybe someone experienced can help us

    So you have a booting and returning loop set in priiloader, as you figured: synching withing the loader or priiloader does not work. we need to get to the hbc or sysmenu somehow.
    I thought of cboot2 to load a hbc forwarder (needs bootmii as boot2 installed obviously), found on another wii you can synch inside hbc.
    OR: just use a GC controller to adjust priiloader hacks again, i have none yet ..., so you would just revert the boot and return settings to sysmenu.

    (guess there exist no forwarder for the sysmenu hehe, or ?)
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    Yeah, I had to go buy a GC. 15 bucks an xtremely cheap ugly and unconfortable GC, but did the work.

    Thanx anyway.

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    Holding reset and booting into priiloader, then waiting about 15-30 sec, then press reset again loads the system menu. Does not work with preloader, only priiloader 0.3+
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