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Thread: How do I know what kind of bricked Wii I have

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    How do I know what kind of bricked Wii I have

    Heres what I have.
    I was given a wii that when it is all set up and turned on you get a Black screen only, no wrighting anywhere. After reading the forums I saw the free savemii method using the GC controller tried it and it sort of worked. I now have a black screen with 3.2(usa) in the bottom rgt corner. I now put a game in (which is WII sports because that all I have) and it plays. When I turn it off I have to use the GC controller everythime to restart.

    I can trun it on and off with the wii controller so I know that the BT chip is fine.

    Now that I have managed to get this far what should I do. The rom light only flashes once when it is turned on so that tells me that bootmii is not installed as boot 2. I have no idea if a preloader of any kind is installed.

    My understadding is that the person who had it and is no long with us so I can't ask him was trying to load a .wad file of some kind and this happened.

    So first off what type of brick do I have, low level, banner, full I have no clue.
    2nd what method of unbricking do I use. Knowing that it works when I put a game disc in.

    Also I have a second virgin WII that has 3.4u version on it. This unit has never been update or modded in any way. If I was to mod it and get a back up nand off its system could I use it to get the first one working.

    After a lot of starting and restarting of the game wii sport I saw a faint image of the home brew channel or tile on the screen before it went to the game menu.

    Please help

    Thanks for you time
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    I'll answer your second question: no you can't use another wii's nand to unbrick because each system has its own unique key, so from what I gathered that include the nand, and thus won't be accepted by another system.

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    I was just talking to the wife of the person who had this unit.

    She said that she thinks that the game was Deca Sports 3.iso and the .wad was created with "Loadstructor-1.7+cLoader-1.6" this is what was being load before the unit was bricked.
    Unfortunately she does not have any of the files that had the info on them and has already formatted the SD cards tobe used in her camera

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    Does the Wii have cioscorp installed? Can it play backup discs?

    This is the thread you want

    You will need an autobooting modchip or cioscorp and a trucha patched system menu IOS to be able to run Nintendo's Offical Wii BackUp Disk v1.31

    Choose uninstall all from the backup disc menu

    This will fix your issue

    Posts #5 and #6 in the thread will also work.
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    I have already looked at that link my problem is I have no clue as to what has already been install ie: CIOSCORP or preloader.

    All I know is when I start it using the GC controller and holding down the arrow buttons it goes from a black screen to a black screen with 3.2(usa) in the corner. Then when I put a original game in it will play. Once its turned off I have to start all over.

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    Well try the official nintendo backup disc and hope you have cioscorp installed. If it doesn't work you will need a modchip or have to do posts 5 or 6 from the thread. These are your only options for recovery.
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    Why don't you check for priiloader or preloader? it says how to in the thread he linked. hold reset while booting the wii, and see if a different screen boots up.
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    Tried this and it didn' do anything. Tried using the reset and NC controller at the sametime. Nothing happens other then giving me the version on the bottom. Tried just by using the reset stays as a black screen with out the versionm on the bottom and won't read any disks

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    Try to burn this, see if it loads. If it does you must have a chip or cioscorp installed. You have something installed because games don't normally autoboot form the recovery menu.
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    when I unzip this what what type of disc should I burn it to, at what speed and will nero 9 the right program to use or should just use the windows brunner.


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