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Thread: Can i load PAL games on a US wii?

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    Can i load PAL games on a US wii?

    My wii is hacked with homebrew, loading games off a USB external drive FAT32. I see a lot of games out there that are in PAL format. Can i load these or is it going to FUBAR my system?

    Somehow yesterday i managed to load a 4.1E system menu. Got that resolved and I would like to not do it again.


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    You can load PAL Games on your Wii but you need to use the force NTSC option in your loader's config menu. Also, your TV might need to support PAL.

    Never install a system menu outside your region. Never accept an update from an out of region game either.

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    Good to know. What is the most recommended loader out there?

    I am using USB Loader GX now. I tried to use CoverFloader but it just sends me back to the wii menu when i select it.

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    Use CFG USB Loader


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