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Thread: Wii Music Loading Trouble

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    Wii Music Loading Trouble

    I currently am having a difficult time trying to figure out how to get Wii Music to load through my softmod. I have tried loading it with 250, 222, 223 and 249. I have tried searching through the site but I found no help, so far. Has anyone found a way to load this game yet?

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    Try ripping the game again from the original disc. This game works fine for me using IOS 249

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    Hey richardsito, noticed you often say it works for you with "IOS249" but it might also be helpful to give the revision number as the slot IOS249 doesn't really tell us much

    In the case of this game it should work with any cIOS problems with it.
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    I have tried re-ripping it from the original disk and it still goes black screen and shuts off my controller with no response from Reset or even the controller's Power button. I'm also running on 4.3U if it makes too much of a difference. I am a bit new to the emulating on the Wii, so please try to bear with me. D;

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    Well, I tried ripping the game from someone else's CD as well, still the same thing happens each and every time I try to run it through Config USBLoader. I can't figure out why the hell it doesn't work and it's driving me up and down the walls here. Has no one else had this problem...?

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    Us Wii music

    well i can say i can get it to play on my 4.1u wii with no setting it plays and i can start a game but the picture is grey and whit fuzzy but can still see everything ibut the screen fuzzy and grey and its a pal game anyone have help from that point

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