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Thread: Stupid Question about Updating

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    Question Stupid Question about Updating

    I'm a really new at this stuff. This is probably a stupid question but i see so many posts saying update your wii and many posts saying DON'T update your wii if it is modded.

    So i just need a straight answer if i can update my wii if it is chipped? It is running 3.3 right now. i don't have homebrew. I just want to get animal crossing to work. I've read so many posts and my mind is a mess lol


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    that wont help it xD
    you MUST update from the disc, it needs IOS 38
    if you update from the disc, yeah sure go for it, if you dont play out of region, update all you want, from anything in your region, nothing will make a difference
    if you do install Homebrew channel VIA iso, then install IOS 38, block the update on Animal crossing and load it

    again if you dont play out of region, and youre updating from animal crossing YOU CAN DO IT PROVIDED IT IS IN REGION!

    have fun Tamie :3

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    I'm kind of lost with this ios thing...
    I know what they are but got a few questions

    well I have firmware 3.3U what ios am i running? 37? How do i know that?

    And well I'm considering installing HB but not right now and i have a modchip so well installing IOS 38 would affect HB at all? because i want it 100% functional...

    well if Animal crossing update affects HB im not upgrading, what are my other options? IOS patcher?

    thank you...

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    IOS's are parts of the operating system, youre running MANY, but some games require updated ones to run

    nope it wont affect it at all

    install ios's via Wad's and enjoy

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    mm but why so ppl just uses IOSPatcher at 30 in this game?
    And well i dont have HB so i guess i cant run wads am i wrong? if i am how can i install the ios? please help me out with this I swear this is the last thing i need to know

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    just get twilight princess
    get the twilight hack
    get Homebrew channel
    get wad manager
    install them

    IOSpatcher changes the ios the game looks for to run, so in AC's case 38 becomes 30, if you have 3.3v2 or higher youll get rejected, since its a edited game, also its a short term fix, and later on youll need to do it more and more, and it might not work, in some cases

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    I have 3.3 v1, no problem with that but if you say is a short term fix I'll try updating the ios

    so well I have AC and i can install the ios via disk and is the same as doing it with a wad,right? (as long I play in the same region ofc)

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    it will update the firmware, i think animal crossing is 3.3v2+

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    dammit so I see the best solution is to install HB and update the IOS with Wad manager... I dont want to update to that version yet

    Well admiral victorinox thank you for your time

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    np have fun :3


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