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Thread: D2ckey modchip?

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    D2ckey modchip?

    New to the forums. Getting ready to modd my wii and have read several posts on modchips but still a little confused. I searched my serial number and it came up with a 75% match for the gc2-dc2 chipset. So basically this is the dc2 version? would anyone recommend the d2ckey mod chip? If not which one
    is the most recommended. I would like to go solderless with this and wondering whic one is most upgradeable and easies to install. Thanks for the help.

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    d2ckey is like 32 wires

    d2pro, and wiikey are 6 xD
    just get one of the 3 i mentioned
    get it presoldered on a wiiclip
    open the wii and call it a day

    NO there isnt a best choice
    NO there isnt any reason to get one over another
    NO there isnt any reason to even think of asking any other questions their all the same

    pick one, and enjoy
    Canada mods or Modchip depot great spots to buy from!


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