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Thread: GC Menu doesnt load

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    Question GC Menu doesnt load

    well i got a Problem with my Sundriver ... installed everything the Sundrver is also detected (in the Sundriver Programm). i also loaded the SUN-MENU-VS5 on my wii but i cant enter the GC Menu. When I enter the Disc Channel I just get the error: Cannot read the Disc ...
    what shall i do?
    btw thanks for help

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    Sundriver menu dont work with firmware 4.3

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    GC Menu doesnt

    Hi i would just like to say that i am having this exact same problem but i am on 4.2u not 4.3u. Does anyone have any ideas as to why it will not show up on the disc channel?

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    it is supposed to work also on 4.3
    if you have some kind of custom MIOS installed, that could be interfering..

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    I have a brand new white 4.3E Wii. The Wii doesn't recognize the Sundriver.

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    If you have a new streamlined wii, THERE IS NO GC support anymore (steamlined wiis are currently only available in the EU atm). what that means is EVERY HARDMOD that uses a GC loader will not work with the new streamlined wii. ALL GC support is stripped out.

    Unless a new firmware update that uses a wii interface is released, your option is currently to softmod or use a hardmod that doesn't rely on a GC loader.


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