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Thread: Which Wii systems cant read DVD-R discs?

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    Arrow Which Wii systems cant read DVD-R discs?

    I heard the black Wii, any bought in 2010, and the ones with 4.3 menu can't read DVD-R discs at all so you can't play iso backups. Is there a softmod or modchip to get around this or should I just look for an old Wii system to buy?

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    if you have the d3-2 chip no you cant but you can still load from a usb hdd plus its much faster and better than disc loading if you chip mod it i believe it gets around that but that requires you to install it in your wii much more compplicated
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    THere's D3-2 (as stated above), then there's D4 (D3-2v2). The D3-2 was released in late 2009.
    If you can find a wii older than late 2008, then you can install bootmii as boot2 (the best brick protection out there)
    also as stated above, you'll have to go the usb route with newer wii's
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    if I take my Wii to someone to hardmod it (via craigslist probably), will that bypass the dv-2 or whatever and allow the system to read discs? I know it could read from USB drives but those cost more to put games on (and keep them). I have a 16GB sdhc card but that would only fit like 4 games when I can buy a stack of 40 verbatim dvd-R discs for the same price that the sdhc card cost ($40 I think).

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    There is no form of modding that will enable the console to read backups from disk if it has one of those newer drives.
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