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Thread: Why 4.2?

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    Why 4.2?

    I have a Wii 4.3U, then I learned about softmodding. I just have a quick question.. I see a lot of people with 4.2 Wiis. I'm happy with having a softmodded 4.3 Wii but how come most people use 4.2 instead of upgrading to 4.3 (via softmod of course, not Nintendo update)??

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    because 4.3 doesnīt offer anything. It was made to stop homebrew. No new features

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    Probably because 4.3 offers no new system features or benefits so why upgrade. The only important part is IOS58 which you can install without going to 4.3. I'm currently on 4.1.
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    4.1 is more recommended than 4.3/2 because both updates were attempts to stop homebrew unlike 4.1

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    Hmmm... makes sense lol. Thanks.


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