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Thread: Recent Wii games no longer loading via disc load

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    Recent Wii games no longer loading via disc load

    Hi guys,

    I hope I have found the right forum to post in, I am needing some help from the experts out there and hope you can help.

    I have a PAL wii with a wiikey, which I've had for about 3years I guess.

    With the recent batch of xmas games, my wii has updated via the games loading several times. I think now I am on 4.3e.

    As I am still loading games the old school way, via burning the isos to discs and loading them on the wii I am starting to have problems.

    About the last 10 games I have tried, all load for a while and come up with a black screen with white text that an error has occured and consult the operations manual. I can't get any of the recent games to load at all and it'e becoming rather fustrating.

    So I have some questions and need some help;
    1) Could this be to do with the update that i got via the new DK game?
    2) is the laser getting old and it just cant read the media? I am using verbatims and have found them to be great and hardly any noise on loading.
    3) do I need to downgrade to an earlier version like 4.1 or 4.2 ?


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    Try updating your modcip first. Wiikey Resources & Downloads


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