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Thread: (large donation)Please advise me on my donation, thank you

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    Question (large donation)Please advise me on my donation, thank you

    Hello Everyone, I am not new to this forum, just have never registered.
    I have a significant amount of money which I am interested in donating towards the porting development of dukenukem3d for the wii.

    If there is a respectable member of this forum that could point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it and will donate towards this forum as well.

    I have been searching the web, and have yet to find any solid proof that there is someone working on such project. I did find mentions of the project by different people, but they are all months old and there is no update on the status. That is why I have decided to announce that I have a large donation for whoever has been working on this project. Perhaps you have been keeping it quiet to surprise us. Well I want you to know, whoever you are, I appreciate your work and want to make a donation to you.

    If there are any of like mind, that love duke nukem and are waiting for the port, perhaps they will want to donate as well. Thank you in advance whoever reads this.

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    Not really a port, but you should be able to play it with the wiimote on your computer.

    You just need GlovePie (google it) and ppjoy (for nunchuck joystick, which could probably emulate mouse movement for turning and such) found at PPJoy

    I'm not sure if there's a script that will work with duke nukem, but it's worth a shot :P

    I'm personally not able to do any ports or such so can't help you there.
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