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Thread: New 4.2e wii downgrading to 3.2e problem

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    New 4.1e wii downgrading to 3.2e problem

    hi there i have 2 questions first of all I have formatted my wii and it is at 4.1e and now I am trying this tutorial and I try to install it with all my BASIC IOS's but it won't let me this is the error message I get error = -1035 I only have the wii's wads i have not done any softmodding at all i am new to it.

    second of all which ios should I install it from

    here is the link [external guide link removed] please check it out


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    Why on earth do you want to downgrade to 3.2?

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    and what is going on in your other thread?
    why didn't you post a syscheck, we were all waiting for that.
    why are you now using gba guides and come back here?
    we have a working guide for that. i don't know how you manage to screw your wii even more up?
    is that the same wii you are working on?
    what do you want with basic IOS ? why didn't you just use the softmod any wii guide and have a working wii?

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    ok vinatec this is my story my wii broke down because it was over 3 years old and i have been playing about with it tooo much i gave it to loackerx and they gave me a discount so i brought a wii from there at a good price when i set it all up it was at 4.1e i really want it down so i can have a better chance of having softmodded wii as my my lastr wii was at 3.2e and i had noo problems at all then i wanted to buy something from wii shop channel so i did it told me to update i did not know that this could damage my wii so much as i was 4.2e then i did loads of softmod tutorials and some of them worked i just wished it someone made a softmod totorail for 4.1 e u j k now i have a wii at 4.1 what should i do?


    mizaan shamaun

    My Double post known as bumping

    because my wii used to work at 3.2 and i had no problems with it then now with 4.1 i want to get the wii softmodded proply

    i have NOT done any softmod tutorials as i am worried it won't after all my other floppy events


    mizaan shamaun
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    I thought your wii broke because you used a fail tube video?


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