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Thread: Help! Wii bricked from wrong region sysmenu

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    Help! Wii bricked from wrong region sysmenu

    hey! i think i just accidentally installed an incorrect region system menu (its a pal wii and i think i may have accidentally installed 4.1u), now whenever i start my wii it goes to preloader, and if i try to go to the system menu i just get a message saying the sytem menu files are corrupt, i have performed a nand backup through bootmii but i cant load it because i cant get to the HBC, i have tried the bootmii booter through preloader and the dop-mii, and everytime i run these i get EXCEPTION (DSI) OCCURRED, ive tried using dop-mii to reinstall 4.1e but i just get the same exception error, can anyone help me?

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    do you have bootmii/boot2?

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    How to play out of region games (disc playing) Neogamma
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