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Thread: Softmod 4.3 problems

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    Softmod 4.3 problems

    Hello all I am a newbie trying to learn the ropes. I am having issues with the WAD installs. Basically I am at 4.3u and am trying to follow Mauifrog's sofmod instructions but I am having issues. I currently have homebrew installed but want to use a usbloader but I can't since I am at 4.3. I was able to use the indiana pwns to launch the install but when I try and use bootmii to load the wadisntall i only get a black screen that continues through and up and down cycle. I tried searching for freezing issue and black screen but no success. I have tried to launch the indiana pwns exploit again with no success. It just stays at the hackmii banner (left it for a 1/2 hour) with no option to press one to install homebrew and bootmii. I have tried NV-IOS-FIX-TP-SS-IP-VAH and Hackmii_0.8_IP_SS_BB2 to try and reinstall but they both freeze. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Any questions that are related to a particular guide/thread, should really be asked in that same guide/thread.


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