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Thread: Missing ios 250

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    Ca Missing ios 250

    After tweaking Super Mario All Stars (force ntsc-disc default) (Pal) to work on my NTSC system,l noticed IOS 250 was missing.Is it actually needed to play games?As l know its a stub.Thanks.
    I also noticed part of the screen is missing on the bottom,as you dont see the ground or characters.Every other Pal game worked(forcing NTSC).
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    This game works with IOS 249

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    You never said what version of the cIOS you have installed. cIOS38 rev17 will install both IOS249 and IOS250. If you installed that cIOS then reinstall it.

    If you installed cIOSx rev20, then you may have to install IOS250 manually, I don't know if IOS250 installs along with IOS249. The cIOSx rev20 installer can install to many slots, just pick the IOS250 and install it.
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    I have cios 38r14 rev 14.Still cant install ios 250.Updated my ioses using MMM.But that didnt work either.NUS downloader say its a stub-dont use.
    Is there a link to an unstubbed good ios250?I"m guessing the Just Dance 2 (bigfile ) problem is that it needs 250 not 249.Using usbloader gx(updated).Thanks.


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