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Thread: Wiizard Experiences

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    Question Wiizard Experiences

    I'm a soon to be owner of a Solderless Wiizard from CanadaMods. However I haven't found many posts from Wiizard owners expressing their good and bad experiences with the chip. Please post your experiences using the Wiizard from purchase to playing games. Also provide whether it was solderless or you did your own soldering for those of that are deciding which way to go.

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    bumped for responses

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    I just got mine yesterday and it's great! No problems installing or running games.

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    Who did you order it from? What media are you using?

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    canadamods, nd what do you mean "what media"

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    Are you using -r, +r, -/+RW and what maker? Another Wiizard owner posted that they have yet to fnd a brand, type and burn speed to cause errors with the Wiizard. If that is consistent, then I would feel very comfortable in choosing DVDs on sale...I tend not to buy generic no matter what due to quicker deterioration experiences.

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    I use DVD-R made by HP

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    newbie question - can you play PAL game on this chip ? "" website says "Boots PAL Backups/Originals on NTSC WII Partially". What does that mean exactly ?

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    Good. I have some Sony DVD-R left over I need to use up. I read in another thread of someone praising using Lightscribe DVD-R. I like that idea as I have a LS DVD burner. I also found a site with some templates.

    My Wiizard from CM left NY on the 12th. I'm waiting impatiently now for it to arrive. Thank you Spyman and CM.

    Jasiknom, I'm not positive, but it sounds like it may only work on some titles and not all for cross region discs. I'm sure some of the "veterans" will chime in soon. This is a good question. Maybe we should get a list of known games/backups that do not work with the Wiizad as a sticky once compiled.

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    its the same region free compatibility as any other chip, not sure how up to date this list is
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