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Thread: Trying to install WiiMC and WiiMC Channel

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    Trying to install WiiMC and WiiMC Channel

    Hey Guys,

    I have successfully softmodded my Wii using Maui Frog's softmode guide.

    Now I am trying to install the most recent WiiMC and WiiMC channel.

    I have extracted the WiiMC app to the root of my USB external HD, and I have extracted the channel forwarder files to my SD card.

    When I go to the Homebrew channel, I have two options:

    Install WiiMC Channel

    When I click on either one - it goes to WiiMC but tells me a variation of that I have a modified IOS, I require ISO58, and that it my performance may be adversely effected. It also has (fake-signed) in parenthesis.

    What is the best way to remedy this? I followed the Maui Frogs 4.3 softmod guide and got my WiiMC/Wii Channel files from the official WiiMC site. Thanks for any help!

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    might because wiimc needs an unpatched ios 58 search in the forums for a thread[wiimc channel] theres a link to a wad for this


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