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Thread: USB Loader not Loading

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    USB Loader not Loading

    Ok, I've read several issues on USB loaders, however I have yet to find a solution. I have a friends wii that has been updated to 4.3, I got homebrew folloed the tuturials and everything shecks out ok, but the usb loaders. I can see and run apps from homebrew on my usb hdd, but I cant get wiiflow or cfgusb loader to work or even neogamma. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Oh and Ive tried two different usb hdd seagate and wd 500gb

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    it shouldn't matter, but is your hard drive partitioned?
    and are you sure it's in the right port?
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    and make sure you have the ios' for usb support a simple sys check will show you that is the dtive not registering or not showing games

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    Ok thank you for replying. no drive is not partitioned. Did system check and found ios was on 236 not 249... changed and works now. thank you again for your help


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