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Thread: Donkey Kong Country Returns HELP please! :(

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    Unhappy Donkey Kong Country Returns HELP please! :(

    Just downloaded a Pal version of the game burnt it onto a disc no problems and then played it on the Wii. When I got to World 1 Level 2 it went to a black screen and came up with 'Unable to read disc..please eject etc'. When I did and reset it the game doesn't load up at all now in the disc channel and comes up with the same error message and I am struggling to figure out as to why??

    I have a Wiikey 2 Pal chip and firmware 4.3. When I first put the game in and it worked, my connections settings were deleted to avoid automatic updates so I didn't see if there was one for the game. I've heard there's an update for the game when you put it in but I haven't got any message indicating that and am afraid that if I go to system update in the settings it may brick my wii. I have no homebrew channels etc and I'm a complete n00b at this.

    Please can someone help??


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    Quote Originally Posted by k444mbr View Post
    Just downloaded a Pal version of the game ...
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    When are new members actually going to read the forum rules?

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    I ask my self that everyday.........

    OP go buy the game and you will not have a problem...

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