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Thread: PriLoader 0.6 Beta 3 (r120)

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    PriLoader 0.6 Beta 3 (r120)


    I saw a post out there about this new version of PriLoader and was wondering if it's safe to install?

    Thanks for the input

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    If everything's working fine for you, there's no reason to update
    Plus, this is a beta, so it might need to have some things worked out
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    If you had looked for the thread that you were viewing, which I must say was staring at you straight in the face you may have found a good answer to your question instead of having to open another thread.

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    thanks guys. I'll stick with what I have already installed (0.4).

    Regarding the search, since the other thread was titled for 0.5 Beta I didn't not bother to look through that as, at face value, was not indicative of a 0.6 Beta question.


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