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Thread: installed cIosx rev20 on 57 gives me usb problems

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    installed cIosx rev20 on 57 gives me usb problems

    I updated cIos 249 to rev 20. I followed a guide that said it should go on 57. That gave me some problems with the GX usbloader, that made me unable to mount the usb drive. I also can't use wad installer with cIos 249, since it can't use the sd card. After that i tried to inatalled it on 56, as other recomended but i get an error ( -1022) in the cIos instaler using 249.
    I can load games with wiiflow though
    I gues i messed up cCios 249. What do you recomend me to do?

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    back up and format your sd card to fat32(full format)

    you need to use wad manager 1.7 and you really shouldnt use gx if you use rev19+

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    maybe i misunderstood but if you using 249 to install 249 u will get an error try 36 or 236

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    Thanks i will try that.
    The reason i was trying with gx. Is because i am trying to run Call of duty. I could try with uloader.

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    uLoader is more functional in my opinion

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