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Thread: hey newb at wii modding :P

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    Talking hey newb at wii modding :P

    hey guys, well i am brand knew to wii modding, i have been a avid xbox 360 modder, but i would like to expand into my wii :P

    first off, ( i know you guys see me a a leech ATM ) but i have a 4.2 wii i tried to homebrew, and i got the channel, but nothing would work on it and me being retarted at wii's just deleted the channel and data off it -_- it works and stuff, but what a understand about wii modding ( wich i think is very little ) is that it is a NON-virgin wii that is now unable to be Homebrewed? correct me if i am wrong..

    and i also have a 3.1 wii ( note both wii's where purchases 1 year after release date ) and nothing has ever been done to this wii, and i owuld like to home brew it mainly for offline mods and game backups ( i have a 260gb unused HDD :P ) and i was wondering if you guys/anyone could help me through the process on either of my wii's. i would like to do everything right the first time round lol.

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    This is for introduction, post questions in the relevant section. (All Wiis can be modded)

    Hi and welcome to WiiHacks darkfire

    If you need advice or help for anything Wii related you have joined the right site, whether itís hard or soft modded.

    Donít be shy, ask if you are stuck, just donít expect other people to do all the work for you.

    Before you start anything, make sure you read the rules go over the tutorials, and most importantly, search before asking questions.

    Make sure you post in the correct areas of the forums.

    Here is the site index wiihacks ultimate index written by ShadowSonic2

    System Menu 4.3 has been released, do not update.

    How to Softmod Any Wii, Softmod any Wii written by Mauifrog

    If you are starting from scratch, new 3.1-4.1 written by Dogeggs

    If you already have Homebrew, upgrade to 4.1 written by Dogeggs

    Donít update to 4.3, but if you are already on 4.2, complete 4.2 guide written by Messie

    Donít update to 4.3, but if you are already on 4.2, Softmod for any 4.2 written by Shadowsonic2

    2009 Wii Serial numbers after LU3884XXXX and LEH2676XXXX have probably got the new D3-2 chip that prevents playing backup DVD's. They can still use original discs and USB loaders.
    Check yours at Wii Drive Chip Database

    And please do donate to the forum if you are able so we can go on helping the Wii community.

    I hope you have a great time here at WiiHacks, and increase your knowledge of all things Wii.

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    mIRC: mIRC

    About live chat: IRC chatroom

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