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Thread: 4.3 disc load error and usb load error help

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    4.3 disc load error and usb load error help

    Ok, so I have hacked my nintendo wii, follow the tutorial on modding the 4.3 firmware. Everything went great, but when I go to load from the usb loader, I get an error, and get booted back to the home screen. When I try and load a disc from the disc loader, I get a dvd error. Is there a way to fix this, like, a different loader to install?

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    first thing is post a sys chek in here so we have more info for ur usb have you checked the compatbility list and for ur disk are you using - or +r and secondly what disk error are you getting

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    if your wii is fairly new then it will not be able to play dvds and backup discs make sure your usb is in the correct port left port if your looking at your wii standing up check the compatability list for your usb and make sure its set up properly for your wii fat 32 is recommended check the link out in my sig to set your usb up good look
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    This is the model number on the back: Lu73010645 4

    Here are the USB errors and DVD errors:

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    ok u are good as far as the dvd reading thing data base says you dont have the d3 noe i need a syschek to diagnose any furthur also try formatting with wbfs manager i find it easier but thats open for user opinion

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    K...let me get one...
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