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Thread: how do i run waninkokos 4.1 updater?? my wii wont update

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    how do i run waninkokos 4.1 updater?? my wii wont update

    i purchused donkey kong country today, and went to play it and it fails on updateing, so i removed the softmod i had installed.

    (unfortunitly i was foolish enough to let a friend softmod it so i could play off hard drives, of which i never did anyway).

    and now that there is a game i want to play, i seem stuck. i've looked up guides and spent 2 hours trying to work out this dissaster but basicly i want to put the console back to normal so nintendo can do their gay update and life will go on.

    1 guide says to use waninkokos 4.1 updater however i dont even know how to run the damn thing. any help or a decent more intuitive guide?

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    Extract the folder Firmware-Updater_4.1 to the apps folder of your SD.
    So it should be SD:/apps/Firmware-Updater_4.1/
    and the meta.xml, icon.png and boot.dol files should be here (you don't need the readme).
    Next launch homebrew and you should see a new program waninkokos 4.1 updater - just load this program and follow the instructions (all options if any should be already chosen and these default options will probably be best for you).


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