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Thread: Missing SD card

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    Missing SD card

    I recently bought a wii that is modded. It has Homebrew and USB Loader GX. It has a usb 2.0 HD. When I play around in the USB Loader channel, nothing works. Everything freezes. When I plug the USB into my computer, it says it isn't formatted.

    I've been browsing the forums trying to understand the mod process and/or trying to figure out how to get rid of it. Nothing was making any sense until I realized that I don't have the SD card the previous owner used.

    SO - I kind of want to keep the mod and learn how to use it. If I go buy an SD card, what would I need to do/download/run to have it match or work with everything that's already on the wii/USB? If the process is really complicated, I guess my next question is if it's possible to remove everything without the SD card and take my wii to virgin again?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    What ever you do, don't try and virginize. That process is complicated and very dangerous. Probably the best solution is to post in the intro section here to say hello. Someone will reply back to your post with a lot of usefull reading material that will help you out. You should start by reading up on what softmoding is. You can also look here and learn about apps and wad files.


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