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Thread: Problem playing SSX Blur with MenuPatcher or BackupLauncher

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    Problem playing SSX Blur with MenuPatcher or BackupLauncher

    So I got the SSX Blur iso and burned the image to a DVD. I put the CD in and the MenuPatcher recognizes it, as well as the Backup Launcher.

    It goes into the screen where it tells you to attach the nunchuk to the wiimote, and after that screen, it just turns black and stays that way.

    The game is NTSC and my wii is NTSC, so I don't see what issues there might be. Does it need to be PAL or is SSX just not compatible yet?

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    most newer games, need the loader to be edited in a way to get them to work, ask Chris for more info

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    Try using backup loader gamma, if that doesn't work, you may need to patch the IOS version on the ISO. Google "IOS Version Patcher 1.0"if the gamma loader doesn't work.

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    Backup Loader Gamma = Backup Launcher Gamma? If so, I have the Backup Launcher Gamma 0.3 already and that's what I was trying it on.

    I downloaded IOS Version Patcher 1.0 and it asks me to change it's IOS version.. the program description says 30 usually works so I did 30.

    I'll let you know if it works out or not!

    And to make sure, SSX Blur -CAN- work with BackupLauncher 0.3?

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    Okay, I just tried it with the IOS version set at 30.

    This time after the nunchaku screen, it goes black again, but only for 2-3 seconds, then I get taken back to the Wii Menu screen.

    So changing the IOS version did SOMETHING. I have a feeling I may have changed it to the wrong one, though, since it still doesn't work. Any ideas?

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    Changed it it to 249 and it's working like a charm. Found the fix at GBAtemp.

    For future reference if anyone finds this!

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    LOL! i was just about to post a link to that fix, but i was checking it for any backup loader links. You can never be too careful! I speak from experience.

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    Im havin the same prob as you did Rizzice. Thanks to wiihacks for the appreciated support

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    Also had the same problem thanks for the help.

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    i had the same problem, all i did was download wii scrubber, and changed the ssx.dol into main.dol and making the main.dol (name changed one) overwrite the main.dol (the one that was there already).

    but now after having the game start up and me playing it it randomly turns my wii off, after about 15-20 min my wii will just turn off on its own, if anyone can plz help me, i really want to play this game

    im using neogamma backup launcher r8 beta 15 i have a softmodded 4.2 wii and i have all (or most) ios's downloaded. i have plenty of other backups working, its just this one game...
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