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Thread: weird coding question

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    weird coding question

    I was woundering (someone who knows what there doing) is there anyway if a game Like glee needs a mic and it needs to be the same has the maker of the there anyway of changing the coding of the game so it will use any mic? like wiiscubber or something, lol this is likly the most stupit question out there but I guess it was worth a try.

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    The only way to do that, would de to decompile the code that would be on the disc, change the code and recompile it. So the short answer: no. Longer answer: it is possible, but extremely impractical.
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    Aren't Wii game mics pretty much interchangeable anyways? My Wii will recognize the EA branded USB Mic from Boogie on the PS2 when I play GH or RB and possibly others that I haven't tested. It's not even a Wii specific mic.
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    had this weird thought when I was looking at the files on wiiscrubber it has the name of the company that made the game and . something file thought maybe that was the mic file... lol ok this can be closed.


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