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Thread: can't log in

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    can't log in

    I cant log in...whenever i try it says "thanks for logging in", but all the links still say i need to register to view them. I also tried ressetting my password didn't work. My user name is heitty.

    Please help


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    Streamlinehd Can't LOGIN

    Can't login to my account

    I keep getting an error saying "Wrong username or password. You have used up your failed login quota. Please wait 15 minutes before trying again". Well I only tried to login once before getting this message and I've waited over 15 minutes twice and I still get this error on my first attempt. I've also tried resetting my password and I still receive this same error.

    I received this email from wiihacks:

    Dear streamlinehd,

    Someone has tried to log into your account on Wiihacks - Nintendo Wii Hacks Community with an incorrect password at least 5 times. This person has been prevented from attempting to login to your account for the next 15 minutes.

    The person trying to log into your account had the following IP address:

    All the best,
    Wiihacks - Nintendo Wii Hacks Community

    That is not my IP address and when I looked it up in Google it says it belongs to wiihacks?? Can anyone help me get this figured out? Thanks

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    I got in becasue im cached.... but my cell will not log in!!!

    I will report it and we will see!!!

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    cant login

    i cant login either just takes me back to the login page was ok untill the site went down.

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    sorry the posy above is mine forgot to put my username thanks

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    You should be good now.. clear cache/cookies if you are having any problems..

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