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Thread: Black screen - some backups don't play

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    Cool Black screen - some backups don't play

    I just received my modded WII and I am attempting to play some backups. Many work just fine, but I do have many that when I insert the disc, the WII recognizes the game, but when I run it, I am returned with a black screen and my WII is frozen and my remote is not synced. I have tried wiu and burnt on different media at different speeds with the same result. Is my WII bricked? Do PAL games not work on my WII even if I use wiu?

    Prior to reading forums, the first backup I tried to play asked me to install an update and I agreed. I am not sure if this caused any problems. If so, how do I fix it?

    I appreciate your help!

    EDIT: forgot to mention all originals play fine.
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    odds are they need something you dont have, install
    Cios 37
    IOS 38, 53, 55
    and you should be fine

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    I find that I have to use gecko-os to load some games even tho i have a chip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    odds are they need something you dont have, install
    Cios 37
    IOS 38, 53, 55
    and you should be fine
    Since I am a newbie here, where do I get these / how do I install them?

    Thanks for your quick help!

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    -sigh- their in my all in 1 thread, you need wad manager, which is part of Homebrew channel

    @ captain
    some games require a update, but gecko OS can bypass that for some of them, but not all of them, if it fails you get error 002
    animal crossing needs IOS 38, but Gecko OS can boot it without
    also about 50% of pal, and 90% of NTSC/J games work on a ntsc/u wii so you need it for the ones not mentioned in that ratio

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    Thanks! I tried to install the HBC but it had an error reading the disc, so I went to the settings to see what version of firmware I had and I get this error:

    You tried to access the address marc:FIX/US/ENG/index02.html which is currently unavailable...

    Need help?
    - Open the Opera help...

    Note: I do not have my WII hooked up to the Internet.

    Please help!

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    ^ talked to on msn

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    Many thanks got Animal crossing working now. Great site


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