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Thread: Gamecube backups (v0.2) corrupt gamesaves

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    Gamecube backups (v0.2) corrupt gamesaves

    Ok so I searched and googled my heart out and cant find the answer to this problem... I Have a 4.1u softmod with gamecube launcher v 0.2 and Im trying to play a backup of my Baldur's Gate: Dark alliance, only problem is, the gamesaves keep getting corrupt... no saves whatsoever... I found on the wiki compatibility page to hold b(patched mios) to fix saves but it still doesnt work. I have mios v65535... it is on a shrunken multi-iso disc so Im making a 1:1 to test that... please help, any input would be appreciated.

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    The only thing I can think of perhaps is try Neogamma from THIS guide.
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