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Thread: semi brick wii US with modchip

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    semi brick wii US with modchip

    yesterday for the first time I tried to download a WII game from some place, the game was:
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, and when I click the game in the WII main menu, it's giving update, I think it's version 4.x because it has the SD card menu now.
    After the update, I cannot access my WII settings (semi brick from what I've read in the internet)
    2 years back, I bring my WII to a game shop in Jakarta (Indonesia) to have it modded, but I don't know whether they use modchip or softmod, but most probably is using modchip.
    I my self never install any homebrew or any software for the mod.
    So I want to ask some suggestion here, how to fix the semi bricks thing?
    I read in couple of threads here, like this one:
    is to put in a region disc with a system update higher than that currently installed --> but I'm not sure where can i get this disc?
    Or whether I can fix it if I install HackMii from this url:
    Homebrew setup - WiiBrew

    Your suggestions and answer is much appreciated.
    Thank you.
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    it's fixed now, using method #2 from here:
    thank you mauifrog


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