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Thread: Got my wiikey 2 + V14 clip from Modsupplier yesterday

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    Us Got my wiikey 2 + V14 clip from Modsupplier yesterday

    High guys. I am going to install my chip today.

    I will let you know how it goes.

    I ordered from Au, Modsupplier and I am in the US. Ordered 11/17 arrived 12/1
    Pretty fast huh, comming all the way around the world.

    , hope I do not screw this up.

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    good luck, and i hope you dont get a messed up chip, just MAKE SURE, to tape it down, and keep it secure, and to try it befor rebuilding the wii

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    Success with installing.
    I did not tape it down though for I already closed it up when seeing the Admiral's advice. Yes I did leave the drive attached and stretched the cables to power and test. All was well, a red followed by blue blink, and disc channel here we go

    it was like going on a journey with the return trip so easy.

    as of 11/2008, here in the US, we are free of the worldwide outbreak of ... Epoxy Pox...

    pls use, I wanted to see if I can start a new name for it.

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    glad it worked out for you, have fun

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    I ordered the same exact thing presoldered, and a triwing screw driver, now i don't need to buy soldering supplies do i? and after installing it, what to do next to get on my way to be able to play isos on my wii, and which firmware is going the best right now, and which one do i want to avoid?

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    my wii is a 3.3U btw

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    No soldering supplies needed. Just simply follow video instructions for opening the wii and placing the chip as downloaded from their websites.

    Download from, their updated firmware file that needs winrar to decompress into an iso. Burn that disc. Place that config disc in the wii and follow on screen prompts. The first time installs updated wiikey2 firmware and the second time after reboot allows you to configure options like update blocking.

    As far as nintendo updates go, technically a mod chip is immune to getting deactivated by uodates unlike homebrew or softmod backup launchers like wiigator gamma. Btw, the best wii firmware with all features to homebrew and backup loaders is fm 3.2. Just follow Emperor of Canada's guide here on


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