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Thread: Just installed hbc on a 4.3u... all i get are black screens

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    Unhappy Just installed hbc on a 4.3u... all i get are black screens

    Hi guys...Arles from Panama city, Panama. just installed the hbc with smash stack. this is my brothers wii ..mine got it from a guy with everything installed in it. Now im trying to run wiiflow, or any other program but all i get is a black screen. try to load ciosinstaller.. it ask me what ios to install ....put 222 or 249 or 250 and when i press A it freezes..
    please help me...tell me whats the next step.. want to use my hhd on his wii but i cant get it to work... i cant get any app to run. just copy them from my sd to his.. and nothing.

    thanks for any help provided....

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    Following my guide below should set you strait.
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    So .. adding the homebrew channels is not softmodding....i thought that that was it... so i have to do chapter 2?

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    have you tried the latest cIOSX rev20b ?


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