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Thread: Games/Console Freezing with CFG USBloader

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    Games/Console Freezing with CFG USBloader

    Hey all - First post other than the obligatory introduction one. I've seen this problem asked within other threads/posts but no real answer. Here is my scenario at the moment:

    1. 4.3U softmodded (using mauifrog guide)
    2. HBC 1.0.8 installed on IOS58 v255.255
    3. Priloader installed (disc/internet updates; enable bannerbomb v2 enabled)
    4. CFG USBloader ver60-222 using IOS m-load 222
    5. Loader ver: 60-222 / IOS250 (r65535) [FRAG] / Base: IOS?? DI:57 mload v1.0
    6. HDD = WD My Passport Essential SE (on the working list)

    Wii will sometimes recognize HDD, sometimes not. My main problem is that certain games will load, you can play for sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 2 hours, then the entire HDD/console will freeze, not always black screen, just whatever screen you are on will not change. (Requires reboot - holding the power button for 5 sec). And it isn't just certain games, but any game I have on the HDD. This makes me think that I'm stupid and don't have a softmodding step done correctly, or am I missing something simple? I read 12 pages of SMG2 troubleshooting (that's the game that hangs the most often) and saw a few people with similar problems but no one seemed to respond.
    I am willing to start over (if this is possible) but should I do the entire softmod again and reformat the HDD and rerip all the games? I'm thinking this would be extreme, and I must just have some cIOS/IOS not installed correctly since it will work sometimes, other times not.
    By the way, these are not downloaded ISO files, but rips from the original store bought games that I still own. I inserted the disc, started CFG USBloader, and ripped from there.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if I need to move to another forum/post/thread please let me know (and move me)!

    What exactly a YELLOW light on the front of the Wii indicate?
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    can't answer yet on the top stuff since I'm about to mod mine but google says the yellow light is for standby mode- readily available to download updates/mail, etc. From reading I'd advise to turn on off the wiiconnect24 to not dl any newer updates. Plus someone mentioned there were cases of wii's overheating in standby mode because the fan only operates when the unit is on.. but not sure about this since I would think it's a low power state anyways.


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