Ok so. Here's my story.
I downloaded both of the games (which is the same just one is PAL and one is NTSC).
First, I tried ofcourse the NTSC and it was working smoothly but freezed occasionaly.
Back then, I burned it as slow as possible and my wii read it.

After that I decided to get a HDD and maybe that might solved the problem. I was playing the other day and It frozed again!! (I was just making some holes and putting oranges!!)

So wait.. I thoguht... Maybe the PAL version doesn't have this so I did. I went in, download the PAL version and guess what..
SAME CRAP! Froze and I wasn't even doing anything, just running and talking to people.

Can you explain to me guys what's going on?
I know a few things:
1) I doubt is because of a bad rip, since I downloaded them from different people.
2) It's not the Wii drive nor the USB HDD.

Wii System Version: 4.2