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Thread: my new games wont play

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    my new games wont play

    someone help me please. i recently reconnected my wii to the internet after some months off. ever since then i updated the homebrew channel and did some minor updates for some of my channels to work without updating to 4.3u software. but all of a sudden, several games including all of the new one i install wont load for usb gx. i have a 2tb hd and everytime i try to load splinter cell, dkc returns, or mj:experience all i get is a black screen. should i do an official update of 4.3u and remod or what???someone help me please. thank you in advance

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    Well my 4.0 Wii runs DK Returns with no modifications to ios's from both Neogama and CFG-USB loader.
    What are you running your Wii at? Has your USB loader always worked or is this a new set up?
    I have my USB loaders master settings to 002# error fix always on and forced my NTSC TV settings.
    Maybe you just need to update your loader and set your global setting accordingly.
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    Do not update to 4.3u. Wish I could be of more help with the black screen issue, but I do know updating is a no no.

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    Try a different loader CFG USB Loader recommended. What system menu version are you on

    Post a system check


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