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Thread: Update 4.3

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    Update 4.3

    Hi there,

    Someone has asked me to look at there previously softmodded wii using an external hdd.
    For whatever reason they accepted the 4.3 upgrade and now homebrew has disappeared and usb loader gx no longer works.
    I have read up on this it seems that the only way to get out of this is use an original Lego Indiana Jones original with the save file?
    Is this really true? Only I watched a video that looked as though it just used the save file and somehow got it to work?
    Just wonder that if its a previously modded one whether something different can be done, or am I better off just following the guide posted by mauifrog on here?

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    you are going to have to get the game there is no other way

    EDIT sorry forgot about the desperate option
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    If you still have HBC working you will not need a disc. I think there is the "other desperate options" tab in that guide too, maybe you had bootmii as boot2??

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    Or perhaps there is a forwarder channel is installed on the Wii. If so, you don't need any games as said by peire and skellinator.

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    Homebrew was installed but thats disappeared as well??

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    See if any other custom channels are still installed on the Wii? A USB Loader, an emulator?
    If you have one of those, and it happens to be a forwarder, you can use the channel to re-install the Homebrew Channel, and mod the Wii again without the need of any games.

    Instructions on how to use the forwarder channels to load the HackMii Installer can be found in the 4.3 softmod guide, under ''Other desperate options''. Any further questions you have which are related to the softmod go in said guide, and not here.

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    Thanks for your does have USB loader GX still there so I will try some of the 'desperate' options, failing that I will follow the Indiana method.

    Cheers for your help.


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