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Thread: best mod chip for me?

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    best mod chip for me?

    Hi all,i got a wii with version 3.3e all i want is to play backups from disc.

    what would be my best option

    cheers for any help given

    was going to softmod but looks too much work LOL
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    you can use this guide and you should be able to play backups from disk
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    Guide Wiiflow installation and settings The Best Loader in my opinion

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    Use to find out the chipset type and we can help in picking a mod. Wode is most popular this year
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    This is what comes up GC2-D2E

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    Hi, Wasabi Dx is the best modchip to play backups. I have installed 100's and they work everytime. You can also upgrade the modchip via dvd which is easy and far better than its rival drivekey.



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    cheers for your post xpider ive orderd the wasabi dx & will install asap

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    just a question
    what will happen if i upgrade to 4.3 before i install the wasabi dx ?

    I want to have all the iso's installed for new games

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    Hope you did'nt upgrade it cause its a downgrade lol .It will lock your region settings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lordskeep View Post
    Hope you did'nt upgrade it cause its a downgrade lol .It will lock your region settings.
    I suppose you mean i will only be able to play PAL as im in the uk well thats fine bye me but thankyou for your input

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